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Sammy J. Riddle

Sammy J. Riddle

Hi, thank you for stopping by! Please allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little about what’s important to me. My name is Sammy J. Riddle. I spent 10 years working as a Contractor, with a focus on high end painting, finish, and design. I love structures... homes, buildings, cars... anything that can speak visually. Everything has an identity. Identities can be great, good, and not so good. I’m really into things that are GREAT. I love being able to tell a story through the element of design. I love fashion for this reason. I also love music... writing and creating music is a passion of mine.

My family is the center of my world. Providing a wonderful home for them has always been a high priority to me. A home is where a family grows, finds safety and refuge from the world, and it's where we craft and teach, and it’s where we build a ton of our memories. I believe the most important work we do while we’re all down here, occurs between the walls of our own home...

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Featured Properties and What's New

Featured Properties

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Sammy Riddle has listed several properties for me, and has helped me on the purchase end too. He is my agent, and as long as he’s helping people in real estate, I will never work with anyone else. His experience in design and as a contractor has helped me every time we listed. He helped us list at a higher price point, and we couldn’t have pull...

- Tom Dilinger

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Sammy J. Riddle is an absolutely excellent real estate broker. He has a no pressure attitude, and is truly in it to make sure you get what you want and need. He went so far above and beyond any real estate agent we’ve ever used. We were able to text or call him anytime, and he was always willing to work with our demanding schedules which wasn’t...

- James and Stephanie Crawford

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When we chose Sammy as our realtor, we felt we would be getting an experienced and competent resource to assist us in our home search and guide us through the myriad of home-buying paperwork. But it was a pleasant surprise to find we got so much more. Sammy was not only willing to drop what he was doing to drive over an hour away at a moment’s no...

- Ryan and Shannon Moeck

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Sammy is a true professional and as valuable as they come... in much more than just Real Estate. A lot of vision. I have worked with him on several properties, and have even partnered with him on a recent venture.

- Billy B.

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