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Hi, thank you for stopping by! Please allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little about what’s important to me. My name is Sammy J. Riddle. I spent 10 years working as a Contractor, with a focus on high end painting, finish, and design. I love structures… homes, buildings, cars… anything that can speak visually. Everything has an identity. Identities can be great, good, and not so good. I’m really into things that are GREAT. I love being able to tell a story through the element of design. I love fashion for this reason. I also love music… writing and creating music is a passion of mine.

My family is the center of my world. Providing a wonderful home for them has always been a high priority to me. A home is where a family grows, finds safety and refuge from the world, and it’s where we craft and teach, and it’s where we build a ton of our memories. I believe the most important work we do while we’re all down here, occurs between the walls of our own homes.

WE have control over the homes we select. The home needs to be functional. The last thing anyone needs, is a home that’s working completely against whatever their particular scenario requires. Let’s stack our odds wherever we can so that it’s easier for us to live our lives every day. We all have different requirements. For me, a home also has to have flair and “panache,” and say something to me when I drive up, and walk through that front door. Personally, the single most important requirement of my own home is that it needs to have a KILLER identity… and like the music I write, and the clothes I wear, it needs to speak my language, and I’m fortunate to say that it does. I LOVE my own home (it’s the best one I’ve had yet), and I want everyone to feel the way I do.

I’ve been into Real Estate since I was a teenager. The thought of owning my own slice of paradise has always been romantic to me, and if done right, a wonderfully appreciating asset. In many years of business, I worked very closely with the real estate market as a contractor. I helped many prepare for the market, flip homes, and I have bought, sold, and flipped properties of my own. A few years ago, I realized that it’s where I wanted to spend the majority of my time. After a while you notice when agents you work with drop comments like “you are really good at Real Estate…” and really, I’ve just always been extremely passionate about it. So, I got licensed officially, really to serve my own projects and network, and it just kind of exploded. I love it. I have been helping people achieve whatever their goal is in real estate since.

I certainly have a unique skill set for a broker, and my desire and approach are a little different. I work in real estate because it’s fun, and I want to help people… but I want to have fun. I enjoy working with properties that I’m passionate about, and helping people that I’m passionate about find homes that really speak their language. My friends and loved ones have at times used this phrase in conversation about me, and I have mixed emotions about it; “obsessive.” There’s a negative connotation that I don’t love when I hear that word, but it’s proven to be a great trait in business. With so many wonderful tools at our fingertips today, and easy platforms to hunt for properties on our own, it can be hard to imagine that anyone could roll their sleeves up on your big life event/purchase and dig in as much as you would… and I totally get that. I have NEVER worked with a broker that worked half as hard on my purchases as I did! I can share my track record as a broker though, and over 80% of my wonderful buyers have purchased a home that I introduced them to… and I’m proud of that. Navigating and negotiating in our market requires not only experience, but skill, and I LOVE this part of a transaction. Every dollar in a transaction can be squeezed.

I absolutely prefer the word “yes” over “no”, and look for opportunities to say yes, but I’m not at all a “YES” guy. So, if you think you’d like to work with someone that doesn’t offer much of an opinion and has you steer the entire conversation, it’s not really my style. My priority is to serve whoever I’m working with, and part of that is always speaking what I feel to be the truth.

I have great strength in the listing end. I have helped many essentially “flip” their own existing properties before they list. So many of us have great homes that need massive amounts of work, and don’t know where to start. Most Agents can clean up the basics on a distressed property and list, to then be purchased by an investor who flips the property and earns their return… that’s their business. I love helping my sellers get there first, and truly realize the full earning power of their home/asset. I do know what sells a home, I enjoy designing for the market, and I have a great group of professionals that I’ve assembled over the years that thoughtfully execute work. This is an area of service I can provide for my people, to help THEM generate the return they deserve on their property. It also adds value to the open market, and a future buyer can appreciate that. I don’t particularly enjoy making a home look like every other flip out there. I tend to hearken to the build era of the home and develop charm upon character that already exists. I don’t like “cookie cutter,” over-played “updates.” There are sooooo many people out there with the same stuff today. It’s so easy to see what the masses are doing on pinterest, and order some trendy imported sofas, accessories, and white quartz countertops. I am more of a bespoke guy wherever possible, all day long. Mid Century Modern, Craftsman, Prairie, Traditional, Cape Cod, Contemporary, Tudor, Colonial, Ranch, Spanish, Victorian, Oriental… whatever it is, let’s make it feel like that, but with some extra flavor that is tasteful, and universally appealing! I bring a lot of experience to the table in the Luxery/High End market. I design, stage, tell a story, and really know how to sell a premium property. I enjoy building real value, and endeavor to facilitate something special for a future buyer to fall in love with.

I’d probably love to talk about Real Estate with you, since you read all this. Thank you!


P.S. Nothing wrong with white quartz, it has wonderfully appropriate applications… but sometimes there is room enough for more.

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